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Herbal Love Kit: Bath Salts, Face Masks, Massage Oil, Aphrodisiac Cocoa, & Candle for a Sensual Beautiful Love Date!

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Are you looking for a romantic date night? Here's something that'll make it extra special. 
This kit is comprised of all handmade, premium apothecary items, and I think it would be a wonderful gift for yourself, you plus a lover, a couple, and anyone needing some good quality time with someone they love. The kit comes in a darling lil box tray that slides to reveal a date night in a box!

Included in this kit:

Love Dust: the beverage part of the date! This cocoa dust is comprised of 8 different aphrodisiac herbs and mushrooms to increase libido, enhance sensual energy, and up the bliss. You can make it as a hot cocoa drink, and even add some whiskey or mezcal if that's your thing!

Be-Loved Sensual Mineral Bath salts: hand-blended with gorgeous aphrodisiac oils for vibes in aromatherapy form. Bottled in a little tin visible from the top- so you can sneak peeks at lil rose petals. Enough for one bath or two foot soaks. 
Magic Hour SEX Candle: a bath is upgraded substantially with vibes from candle-light- especially a candle that has a spell on it. I'm so into the Magic Hour candle line because they are infused with spells to spark ritual into anything you're doing. This one is made to deepen passion, and "expand into the full embodiment of your sexual self!" It smells absolutely lovely. 

Rose Clay Face Mask: hand blended by myself with really nice clays and botanicals. They are gentle enough for all skin constitutions, but powerful enough to exfoliate and rejuvenate your face! Super fun to do a mask while in a bath- and then when you scrub it off, your face will be smooth and soft as baby skin. 
Be-Loved Massage Oil:this is the most indulgent sensual Jasmine & Orange Blossoms scented oil based in jojoba oil, that will be the perfect after-bath treat for you and a lover. External use only, apply generously to warm hands while giving a massage. 1 oz. frosted glass bottle with dropper for easy application. And insider tip: you can totally use this oil as a post-mask serum! 
Smooch Lip Balm: this is one popular lil thing. Voted the best lip balm ever by many, and just a nice addition to a kit- for smoochable lips. 

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