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Mindscape//Landscape Illustrative Concept hand-drawn by Iris Gottleib

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For years now, throughout my studies of holistic nutrition, permaculture, herbalism, and my graduate degree in sustainability education, I can't help but constantly brought back to the individual- the mind, body, and spirit of the human- and how the health of the entire landscape is so very symbiotic to that.

The word play between mindscape and landscape would keep creeping in to my brain, and I wanted a way to illustrate it. We are living in an exciting, but critical time, when the health of our water, air, soil, food systems, animal world, wild world, political systems, culture, etc. are at stake. We are living in a time when more visibility and critical questioning is coming to a head, than ever before (probably because it has never so-badly been needed before).

It is time to slow down. To notice the lessons that our landscape is trying to teach our mindscape. To notice truths crying out from the depths of our collective psyche. That is the invitation that I've intended for this line.

This listing is for a postcard of this design. It can be framed for a lovely reminder, or used to send as a postcard. (Or both!) This line will be expanded to bags and shirts in the future, so keep checking in.

Iris Gottleib is a fantastic artist who illustrated my vision for us. I encourage you to look into her work!

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