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Ritual Candle in Full Moon Ceramic

$ 58.00
The Ritual Candle is entirely intentionally crafted. It is 100% soy, scented with premium essential oils (no fragrance oils, no headaches!) that are identical to the oils in my Ritual Roll On Oil, is housed in a beautiful ceramic cup made of local clay, by Tamara Bryan. It can be used for hot drinks afterward, and even has a cool wooden wick that crackles softly as the candle burns! 
Approximately 30 hours of burn time. 
This is a special candle. It can be used during writing rituals, new moon ceremonies, self-care bath times- really during any time you're creating an ambience of intention. 
May the light of the flame, the strength of the wood, the olfactory delight of such ancient scented oils, & the comfort of the stone vessel all work together to illuminate a beautiful, warm flame in your spaces. 
8 oz. 100% soy candle, 100% essential oils (including Palo Santo & Sandalwood), Ceramic Cup, Wooden Wick

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