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Self Care "Of Forest" Kit: Small Batch Bath Salts, Herbal Tea, & Woodsy Spray

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This kit is an homage to everyone who keeps falling more and more in love with the forest, the wisdom of the trees, and could use more time dedicated to self care (really this means, this is an homage to EVERYONE). Remember, no matter what time of year, no matter what gender, we all freaking deserve some more of this! 

This kit includes:

- 8 oz. Self Care | Of Forest Bath Salts made with mineral rich salts from the dead sea, epsom salts, and an essential oil blend that is just heavenly, also has Cornflowers & Doug Fir for extra color and botanical power

- 10 servings Self Care | Of Forest Herbal Tea blended with organic leaves, flowers, and fir needles that will be delightful in color, scent, and taste, can be enjoyed either warm or iced (I suggest drinking it while in the bath!)

- 1 oz. bottle of Spruce & Cedarwood Spray that can be used in any space that is wanting of that extra woodsy aroma- think linen, drawers, cars, and clothes you're wearing

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