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New Moon Bundle

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This is my offering for anyone who is desiring more Moon Ritual in their life. 

There are only 20 available for the first batch, since each part of this bundle is hand-crafted and made with so much intention. 

I’ve been doing intentional ceremony around the new moon for over a decade. But really, I grew up with a tradition that celebrates new moons- through a monthly holiday called, Rosh Chodesh in Hebrew. This holiday originated thousands of years ago (circa 1312 B.C.E.). When my people lived in ancient Israel during the era of the Temple there were people whose job it was to announce the new moons arrival by lighting fires on hilltops so everyone throughout the land could honor it. Now on Rosh Chodesh, folks at synagogue go out and sing prayers to celebrate the new moon. In Jewish mysticism, the moon symbolizes feminine energy. Therefore traditionally, Rosh Chodesh was considered especially a holiday for women- they may have taken this time to rest, reflect, and gather with others in celebration. When I younger, we always wore the nicer version of our school uniform on this day. As a child, I didn’t really pay much attention to this monthly holiday, aside from the cookies and other treats that were given to us- which I welcomed. But as I got older and more aligned with the rhythms of the moon, I re-looked at this holiday and delved more into honoring it. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mariola who led new moon ceremonies at her home each month. She would cast a circle, inviting the spirits and elements of each direction, we would light candles, read about the astrology for the coming month, and write intentions together. I found a deep-seated-knowing power here. It was like coming home to a ritual that flows in my blood. Regardless of where you come from, and what cultures, traditions, and ancestry you may have, I believe that we all have a natural inclination to work with the cycles of the moon. The moon has an impact on the tide, the cycles of flora and fauna, and even the menstrual cycle. My intention for this kit is to invite you into partaking in ceremony, falling into intentional rhythm with the moon. There is magic in this.

Use this kit however you wish, but I’m including the following to offer some guidance for new moon ceremony:

  • A candle housed in a moon tumbler made by local ceramicist, Tamara Bryan. This tumbler is extra special, because the image painted on it, was done using local clay from a friend’s land. It is 6 oz. and made with soy wax + a wooden wick, so it will crackle softly when it's lit. 
  • Ritual Oil to use as an anointing fragrance before doing ceremony. The oils in this blend are ancient, and have been used across all different cultures, both for enjoyment and for sacred ceremony.
  • Mariola’s language for inviting the elements/spirits to the circle, and thereby casting a circle. The circle is a way of marking a gathering, inviting intentional energy to house what happens during that time and space. These words are displayed on a repurposed copper plaque made by local metal-artist, Lane Walkup.
  • A blank Elemental Notebook for writing intentions.

This bundle is all packaged in a lovely canvas sack that's stamped with the moon cycles. It also contains info on how to conduct a new moon ceremony, and some of my thoughts about it.  

*I grew up in a society very much regulated by gender, and as I’ve synthesized my upbringing with my political and spiritual evolution, I’ve reimagined the traditions to be inclusive. I believe that patriarchal domination the world over has negatively influenced and detracted from the intended purpose of ritual and spirituality. I experienced this first-hand specifically within Judaism. However, when I consider the core offering of my Jewish rituals, they thrive beyond any sex and gender binaries.

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