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The Ritual Box

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I grew up with a culture that had ritual that dictated pretty much every part of our day. We had blessings and prayers to say when we woke up, went to the bathroom, ate food, and even during thunderstorms. In my culture, every Friday night, we began a 25-hour period of full-stop rest from the rest of the week. At the end of those 25 hours, we lit fire and smelled spices and welcomed a new week. In my culture, we rejoiced and blessed each new moon, and sang evening prayers each night at bedtime. 

But as a younger person, I was pretty disillusioned with a lot of it (that's a whole other, much longer story), and I think a lot of that had to do with such strict rules that digressed from the intention/beauty of all the ritual. Now as an adult, I find myself missing certain parts of how intentional our days, weeks, and months were. 

This is all what brought about my dreaming up this Ritual Box. I collaborated with several other artists to make a box that contains parts of ritual that I find most helpful to keep me attuned to the rhythms of each day. 

The Ritual Box Contains:

  • a Roots & Crowns "Forest Clearing" wand, handmade from locally foraged aromatic tree branches
  • a beautiful repurposed metal dish to rest the clearing wand on, raised by Portland-based metal artist, Lane Walkup 
  • a blank diary (formed and bound by Scout Books), with a gorgeously-appropriately-illustrated cover by Iris Gottlieb
  • a Roots & Crowns "Ritual" roll-on essential oil perfume, made with some of the most ancient scents used in tradition/ceremony 
  • all this is contained in a simple wooden box that you can keep by your bedside

How To Use:
My intention for The Ritual Box is that it helps guide us through our days- specifically each morning and each morning. The times in my life when I journal first thing in the morning (whether it's remnants of dreams, other random thoughts I wake up with), and write gratitudes about my day at bedtime, seem to keep my brain more clear, and my days more positive. This is how I suggest The Ritual Box be used, but really any way you feel called to use it is bound to be beneficial! 

This is an extremely limited edition first run of The Ritual Box, and I think that it makes a truly wholesome beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love. 




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