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Herbal Love Kit: Small-Batch Bath Salts, Face Masks, Massage Oil, Aphrodisiac Drops, & Candle for a Sensual Beautiful Love Date!

$ 95.00
Are you looking for a romantic date night? Here's something that'll make it extra special. 
This kit is comprised of all handmade, premium apothecary items, and I think it would be a wonderful gift for a couple, your lover, and anyone needing some good quality time with someone they love. This kit is definitely priced nicely, and the items would each be a lot more separately! It comes in a darling white box that opens to display all the goodies! 

Included in this kit:

Be-Loved Aphrodisiac Bitters: (the first bitters I ever made!) awesome chocolaty bitters made of all organic herbs and local honey. You can get creative with them- we like them in Manhattans or Old Fashioned's instead of Angostura Bitters, but you can make any fun cocktail or mocktail with them to stimulate libido and enjoy a beverage! 1 oz. amber bottle. 

Be-Loved Sensual Mineral Bath Salts: hand-blended with gorgeous aphrodisiac oils for vibes in aromatherapy form. Bottled in a pretty milk bottle that can be reused afterward, enough for at least 2 baths. 

Rose Clay Face Mask: hand blended by myself with bentonite clay, rose, calendula, and the best quality rose essential oil. Super fun to do a mask while in the bath, and then when you scrub it off, your face will be smooth and soft as baby skin! Also, insider tip- you can use the massage oil on your face after for extra moisturizer post-mask!

Camp Good Road hand poured "Resilient Rose" Soy Candle: we collaborated with our friends at Camp Good Road here in Portland to make the finishing touch for this kit- a candle to add mega vibes and sensual scents to your bath-time date. Poured into a 4 oz. amber jar with a gold lid so you can keep it fresh for more than one evening. Candle is topped with pretty flowers :) 

Be-Loved Sensual Massage oil: this is the most indulgent sensual Jasmine & Rose scented oil based in jojoba oil, that will be the perfect after-bath treat for you and a lover. External use only, apply generously to warm hands while giving a massage. 1 oz. frosted glass bottle with dropper for easy application. 

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