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BRAND NEW!! Rose Glycerite: a sweet (alcohol-free) alternative to a Rose Tincture

BRAND NEW!! Rose Glycerite: a sweet (alcohol-free) alternative to a Rose Tincture

$ 12.00

I've resisted making any alcohol-alternative-tinctures because as I was taught, the alcohol really does most effectively pull the plant medicine and therapeutic constituents out of plant matter. 

However, I know that many folks are avoiding alcohol for one reason or another, so I decided to make a batch of Rose Glycerite using the abundance of roses from our garden, lately.

I was pleasantly surprised with how sweet and rose-potent this elixir turned out.

You can take it by the drops-dose for the plant medicine, but you can also use this as an alternative sweetener in beverages. I am enjoying it using the Pride Tea infusion mixed with lime and some drops of this glycerite as a lime-ade/iced tea! 

Please be mindful of how much of this you consume at once, because vegetable glycerine can be laxative for some. 

Rose's medicine is vast. She is the mother of all flowers- bringing a soothing ease and sense of love for self and others. Rose is known for being supportive of the emotional body, relieving stress, and imbuing our lives with grace and beauty. Helpful for the heart when it is burdened. 

If you will be using this primarily as a medicine, the 1/2 oz. bottle should suffice. If you want to use it in beverages, consider a larger bottle. 

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