Plant Power to the People!
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Photo by Ivi Rebova

Max Turk found tremendous inspiration in the vast healing capabilities of plants that she encountered through her own travels and life experiences. After becoming a certified herbalist, she started a line of amulet necklaces, quickly followed by herbal remedies such as tincture-based cocktail bitters, salves, and other skin-care products. Her apothecary, Roots & Crowns, uses all locally/ethically sourced ingredients (i.e.: Bee Local Honey, Beeswax, & Propolis; Alchemical Solutions Organic Alcohol). Max is also committed to harvesting many herbs and flowers herself, grateful for what the Pacific Northwest landscape has to offer. Though Roots & Crowns began as a hobby while earning her Masters in Leadership for Sustainability Education at PSU, Max is managing the rapid growth of Roots & Crowns by integrating her academic studies with her intuitive craft. From the positive feedback she has received from customers worldwide, she's inspired to keep creating products that share the holistic aspects of plant healing and flower magic with others, making them accessible, and empowering anyone to try them. Her intention, simply put, is "plant power to the people." 

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The Story Behind Roots & Crowns: Who I Am and How I Got Here 


| photo by Ivi Rebova |