Albizia Flower Essence

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This listing is for the Flower Essence of Albizia. I also offer a Tincture of this flower- In Joy,

I connected with this plant in 2014, and since then it keeps on teaching me about healing trauma.

Here is what Albizia teaches me about trauma:

We are all processing some form(s) of trauma- whether it is from our own lives, or from the lives of our ancestors. Trauma can be dis-empowering, make us feel like victims, and feel impossible to heal. Albizia is a healer of trauma AND the flower of collective happiness. This teaches me that with the pursuit of healing trauma, we also pursue joy. Through processing trauma, joy is not only possible, but highly probable. When we process our trauma, we become empowered, and grief can give way to abundant joy. 

I've had lots of folks tell me that this tincture is helpful when grieving situations associated with death, heartbreak, difficult transitions, and processing the past. I lost a friend to suicide and this plant was helpful in processing that, as well. 

When I decided to make this flower essence, I decided that I really didn't want this to be like any other product that I make for sale- I wanted it to be an offering for those who need it. I'm only charging $5 plus shipping for this product to cover the bare bones costs associated with crafting it. 

This listing is for a 1/2 oz. glass bottle of flower essence. 

Flower essences are an herbal infusion made from flowers, with intention, to address psych-emotional aspects of wellness. They are the energetic imprint of the life force of whatever plant they are made from, and through the medium of water, they carry the vibration of said plant's gifts. This is a subtle but beautiful way of being in contact with the remedies that the flora offer. Much less plant matter is used than when formulating tinctures. The essence is mixed with a local brandy for preservation. You can take just a couple of drops at a time to receive the benefits of this essence. 

**Please also note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.