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Bundle of All 7! Organic, remedial-grade, delicious.

Bundle of All 7! Organic, remedial-grade, delicious.

$ 90.00

If you're interested in all 7 remedies in my line, this is the way to get them! Plus, when you line them up they look like a rainbow.

This set includes 1 oz bottles of:
BE-LOVED (Old Fashioned, Manhattan)
MOON (Gin + Ginger-beer)
FOREST (Whiskey, Champagne)
DETOX (Soda Water, Vodka Soda)
AWAKE (Mojito)
BLUES AWAY (Gin + Lavender Simple Syrup)
REST WELL (Cold Toddy, Whiskey) 

All of my bitters are based on organic tinctures (all organic herbs and organic everclear) that I personally make, along with Bee Local Honey for a little sweetener. They are remedy-grade, meaning that they actually are helpful for reasons other than making cocktails or mocktails taste freaking delicious. You can read about each of the 7 in this collection, within their individual listings. 

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