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Essence of Lilac

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I clearly don't have one favorite flower.

When I get asked what my flower is, I always say that there's no way of having one favorite. Every flower teaches us something else. The feeling I get from being in the presence of each different flower is a complete, unique experience. 

Lilacs surprised me. A few years ago, I fell in love with them. They taught me about pure luxury in the simplest ways. They taught me that a delicate scent can take over the whole body and fill it with ecstasy. This essence is to call in the pleasure of the present while harmonizing aspects of the past. 

This essence was set in the sun during a waxing moon with a lot of Taurus energy. 

Please keep in mind that essences don't have much taste or scent. They are the imprint of the gifts of these flowers, but they do not have a strong flavor as a syrup or tincture would. 

Lilac Medicine: It's interesting how many people have reached out to me to say that they have particularly strong nostalgic associations with this flower- particularly memories of Grandmother. Doubly interesting, is that part of the more magical qualities of this flower is to help harmonize the past and balance nostalgia so that we can take pleasure in our lives. Lilac is a flower of pleasure, and that is well aligned with the current Taurus Moon, and contemporary May Day. 

This is a listing for a 1/2 oz. Essence of Lilac in a glass dropper bottle. I recommend taking 4 drops at a time. 

Crafted with local Spring Water from the Columbia River Gorge, locally foraged Lilac Flowers, Lilac Tincture made by myself, & local Brandy. 


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