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Self Care of PRIDE Kit

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I'm a Queer Jewish Witch who is constantly assessing my work and the efforts behind my work in order to bring visibility to important issues, and offering more to my community. 

In a tea ceremony recently, I was reminded how valuable sitting in silence with a cup of tea can be. In silence, in thoughtfulness, I had a flash of inspiration that the plants are all so colorful and powerful, and I wanted to offer a Pride tea that contains plants in a rainbow of colors with a multitude of medicine within. 

Over the next few days, I considered all the ways I take plant medicine, namely: tea, baths, and skin care. 

So now, I'm offering a Self Care of Pride Kit. It contains bath salts, tea, my new Handsome Serum, & a flower essence blend. I'm also adding a postcard of my recent Pride flower bath for visual loveliness. 

In an effort to financially give back to organizations specifically working with queer communities locally, 10% of the cost of each of these kits will go to Portland's Q Center and SMYRC. You can read more about these organizations by clicking on their names. Thank you for supporting my work as a queer maker, and thank you for supporting the visibility of the spectrum of identities and love. 

Love is all. 

Pride Bath Salts:

Bathe in the rainbow of scent and colors that may find you somewhere within this beautiful spectrum. Bask in this and the fact of you.

Sweet William, Calendula, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Cornflower, Lilac, Purple Rose

Pride Tea

This formula of herbs was handpicked by us at a local organic farm. Each herb is intentional in its attribute as an ally to our bodies, minds, & spirits.

Rose, Calendula, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Borage, Cornflower, Lilac

Handsome Serum

This is my newly released face serum, with all genders in mind. It is full of wonderful oils and comes in a practical roller bottle so you can take it with you wherever you go!


Pride Bath Postcard

Self explanatory pretty thing. 

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