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The Little Lilac Bundle: Essence of Lilac Drops & Lilac Sweet Elixir

The Little Lilac Bundle: Essence of Lilac Drops & Lilac Sweet Elixir

$ 10.00

Wow! The first round sold out so fast! I'm adding some more, but after this batch, I have to wait and see if I'd be able to add more...

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I've spent the past week diving in to adventures with another flower after violet- Lilac!! It's interesting how many people have reached out to me to say that they have particularly strong nostalgic associations with this flower- particularly memories of Grandmother. Doubly interesting, is that part of the more magical qualities of this flower is to help harmonize the past and balance nostalgia so that we can take pleasure in our lives. Lilac is a flower of pleasure, and that is well aligned with the current Taurus Moon, and today's May Day. 

I foraged every single Lilac for these, myself. You will receive a 1/2 oz. dropper bottle of Essence of Lilac (set in the sunshine of the New Moon in Taurus with organic alcohol and pure distilled water), and a 2 oz. bottle of Lilac Sweet Elixir which is a gorgeous fragrant syrup made with freshly foraged flowers. 

My favorite way to take the Essence of Lilac is straight up- with drops into my mouth. Even 5 drops does the trick. The Sweet Elixir is nice with soda water or a cocktail made with Vodka or some other neutral-tasting spirit!

I also wrote a whole blog post with some other recipes for all things Lilac, you can read it here!

Enjoy, and Happy May! 



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