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The Ritual Candle

$ 58.00
Because Chanukah immediately precedes the winter solstice this year, and generally falls out during the darkest time of the year, I felt it was finally appropriate to release a candle I've been working on for a long time. The Ritual Candle is entirely intentionally crafted. It is 100% soy, scented with premium essential oils (no fragrance oils, no headaches!) that are identical to the oils in my Ritual Roll On Oil, is housed in a beautiful ceramic cup that can be used for hot drinks afterward, and even has a cool wooden wick that crackles softly as the candle burns! One more exciting surprise for this candle: my metal-artist friend, Lane Walkup welded special bronze "ingots," which are essentially gorgeous metal pieces for this candle. There is one at the very top in the wax, and one at the very bottom of the candle. And listen, when the candle is finished burning, you will enjoy carrying these ingots in your pocket, or placing them on your altar, etc. They're comfortingly weighted, and really beautiful. 
This is a special candle. It can be used during writing rituals, new moon ceremonies, self-care bath times- really during any time you're creating an ambience of intention. 
May the light of the metal, the strength of the wood, the olfactory delight of such ancient scented oils, & the comfort of the stone vessel all work together to illuminate a beautiful, warm flame in your spaces. 
8 oz. 100% soy candle, 100% essential oils (including Palo Santo & Sandalwood), Ceramic Cup, Wooden Wick, Bronze Ingots

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