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Forest Bath: Mineral Rich Therapeutic Woodsy Bath Soak

$ 27.00

I already have a bunch of forest-related products. 

But these are the salts that make you think of December, that beautiful aroma of pine trees, and warm woodsy joy. 

Tree medicine (in the form of hiking, a walk in the woods, but also through essential oils) is known to decrease stress, elevate mood, and strengthen the immune system. These salts would be a good one to use if you're experiencing congestion in the chest during the winter. The conifer oils open passageways and make breathing easier. 

Use: 6-8 oz. of salts per bath, whole bottle for extra therapeutic bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes to reap the healing benefits of bathing with the trees. 

This listing is for a 16 oz. beautiful glass bottle of salts. Please reuse the bottle after use- it would make a lovely vase, or even beverage container. 

**The name Forest Bath is inspired by the Japanese "Shinrin Yoku" which literally means "forest bathing." It's a common custom for folks to go for a walk in the forest to bathe their spirit. This custom teaches that the medicine of the forest is vast for the body, mind, and soul. 


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