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Roots & Crowns Apothecary

I'm a one-woman apothecary with a mission to bring "plant power to the people" in an accessible way. All of my products are inspired by requests from people in my life. Everything is handmade with love, formulated with top quality wild-or-organic elements. My growing Apothecary consists of Herbal Remedies, Small-Batch Bitters, Botanical Skin-Care, Bath Magic, & Ritual Ways. I gather, process, bottle, label, and ship everything myself, so if you're looking for the real deal in terms of small batches and big intention, you've found it! Thanks for visiting my shop and supporting my craft. 


Sale Rose Face Serum: All in One Cleanse, Rejuvenate, Moisturize Made with Premium Organic Oils
Cocoa Dust: 9 Powerful Mushrooms & Adaptogen Herbs!
Cedar & Rose Grounding and Elevating Aromatherapy Body Oil Perfume
"Rest Well" Sleep-time Remedy: for Peaceful Sleep, Happy Dreams, and Waking up Refreshed
Sold Out The Little Lilac Bundle: Essence of Lilac Drops & Lilac Sweet Elixir
Sale You're Ok Bundle: Tincture or Tea Blend, Bath Salts, & Aromatherapy Oil
Beloved Sensual Mineral Bath Salts: Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy w/ Rose & Sandalwood Oils
Heart Tonic: Herbal Elixir for Heart Support & Healing of Grief and Trauma
Sale Self Care "Of Flowers" Kit: with Bath Salts, Flower Tea, & Nourishing Foot Balm
Sale You're Ok Stress-Relieving Mineral Bath Salt Soak
Rose Quartz Face Massager
Sale Self Care "Of Forest" Kit: Small Batch Bath Salts, Herbal Tea, & Woodsy Spray
"Awake" Energizing Remedy, Made with all Organic Ingredients
Rest Well Mineral-Rich Bath Soak Ritual for Bedtime
BRAND NEW!! Wide Awake Eye Serum
You're Ok Mist: Essential Oil Perfume Spritz for Hair, Body, Spaces
Essence of Lilac
BRAND NEW!! Cedar & Rose Mist: Essential Oil Perfume Spritz for Hair, Body, Spaces
BRAND NEW!! WALKUP- Essential Oil Perfume Mist for Hair, Body, Spaces
Lilac Life :: Beauty As a Way of Knowing
PINK Essential Oil Perfume Mist

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