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Where do you get your ingredients from?

The Pacific Northwest is abundant in plants that I use in my medicine, but I obviously cannot forage them all myself! Additionally, foraging etiquette is important to follow, and if everyone started foraging from our wild places, we would be in trouble. That being said, what I cannot harvest on my own, I purchase from places that focus on organic, ethical harvesting practices. This goes for the essential oils I use, as well. 

How did you get into herbalism?

I like to say that the root of my interest in herbalism is from Free Willy, when the uncle collected plants from the woods and chanted as he made medicine in a mortar & pestle to save the killer whale! The truth is, I've always felt connected to the plants, weeds, & trees around me. I remember being a little girl and ruining books by collecting weeds and rocks and trying to save them all. More recently, as I studied permaculture, forest gardening, and sustainability education, I kept being drawn back to working with herbs. So now, this is what I do! 

I'm interested in getting into herbalism and learning more about plant medicine, what do you recommend? 

This is a question I get ALL the time. Unfortunately I don't have much advice beyond a resounding "yes! do it! follow your nose and gut to teachers/books/plants that call out to you!" I don't have particular recommendations for herbalism schools or programs, but there is a wealth of material and resources out there. Herbalism teachers/authors I love include Matthew Wood, 7Song, Paul Bergner, Elise Krohn, and obviously Susan Weed & Rosemary Gladstar. They all have books and/or websites! Basically start reading, explore programs near you and trust your instincts about who feels like a good match for a teacher for you!

Where can we purchase items if we live in Portland? 

I am happy to offer free shipping for orders that desire local pickup. I am at Beam & Anchor on Thursdays from 11-6, and can meet most mornings in inner NE. 

Additionally here are some local shops that carry my work:


Beam & Anchor

Clary Sage

Luna Wellness


Seagrape Soap