T.S. Scar Salve: For Post-Op Healing

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T.S. Scar Salve: For Post-Op Healing
T.S. Scar Salve: For Post-Op Healing

Top Surgery.*
It can be Tough Stuff. 
Here's a Topical Solution to 
Transform Skin + scar tissue. 

This product was made due to inspiration from friends who have had top surgery, and need to massage their scar tissue to promote further healing. But anyone who has had any sort of surgery/operation and has scar tissue, needs the TLC that these herbs bring to the body. And beyond surgery, this salve is great for an array of different skin/tissue healing, including stretch marks, and overall nourishing massage. 

All Ingredients are organic/wild and ethically sourced:

Olive oil infused with-
Rose Hips: super packed with Vitamin C and is super anti-inflammatory! 
Gotu Kola: wound healer, increases micro-circulation, detoxes, soothes inflammation, generally anti-aging, extremely good for post-surgery care
Cedar: antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral 
Calendula: superiorly healing and calming for most skin ailments 
St. John's Wort: one of the oldest folk remedies for skin injuries, nerve pain, and inflammation (there is minimal amount of this herb due to precautions of potential contraindication of St. John's Wort interacting with testosterone). 
Local Beeswax out of Portland, OR
Tamanu Oil
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Vitamin E

Handmade in Portland, OR. 

Comes in a 2 oz. tin.

*"Top Surgery" has become common language mastectomy surgery

**Please also note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

T.S. Scar Salve: For Post-Op Healing
T.S. Scar Salve: For Post-Op Healing

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