Seasonal: A Tincture Blend to Support Liver & Immune System

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This is a great addition or alternative option for the Seasonal Tea during the spring season.

A tincture to support the liver and immune system during the shift of seasons. Formulated with seasonal allergies in mind. May be helpful for decongesting the organs (including sinuses), supporting the liver, and reducing inflammation. 

In Chinese medicine, the spring season correlates to the gallbladder and the liver. The liver is the organ that processes all contaminants and all histamine from the body. So if you're prone to seasonal allergies, along with anti-histamines, you want to support the liver in its extra effort at this time of year.  

Reishi is known to be a great immune-hero mushroom that is extra supportive for warding off the histamine response in the body. Nettles is *the* anti-histamine herb. Dandelion is an alterative herb that helps restore balance to the body after the winter. Oregon Grape Root is rich in berberine which is anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, & reduces congestion. Peppermint is both anti-inflammatory and decongestant as well, while energetically also balances the heat during allergy-symptom season. 

For more Spring Season Health Tips, read my post!

This listing is for a 1 oz. glass dropper bottle of organic tincture blend. 

*Tinctures are a decoction of plants in alcohol, so that the botanical constituents get extracted into the alcohol. If someone is avoiding alcohol entirely, tinctures should be avoided unless they specifically say they are made with glycerin instead of alcohol. 

**Please also note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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