Essence of Rose

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Essence of Rose
Essence of Rose


I picked every Rose for this essence myself with such presence and love. It was made using these Roses (from my garden) and spring water that I collected nearby, in the sunshine during the waxing moon phase. 

Add flower essences to your drinking water, beverages, bathwater, or take some drops straight on your tongue. 

Please keep in mind that essences usually don't have much taste or scent. Essences are the imprint of the gifts of these flowers, but they do not have a strong flavor as a syrup or tincture would. However, I made this essence with Roses added to each part of the formulation, so you should get a whiff of Rose when you use it. 

Rose Medicine: Good aligning the heart and spirit. A lifelong ally for hope, trust, and all sorts of love. 


Essences contain flowers, spring water, alcohol, and a lot of magic. If you have never worked with essences before please read about them before purchasing! 


Essence of Rose
Essence of Rose

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