Rose Mist: Tonifying Face Spray made from our Organic Garden Roses

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This is a seasonal product!

It is made with our own roses, and therefore is only available when the roses are in bloom. When it becomes available, this sells out quickly!

I made a fresh hydrosol from my antique garden roses, and on a rose-obsessed whim, I turned it into a very special, very limited batch of Rose Mist. This is a tonifying, stress-relieving, refreshing spray to add to your skin regimen, or simply to spritz on your face throughout the day- especially nice after being in the sun! 

Ingredients: my own organic garden roses, organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera

Smells heavenly, and feels like the loveliest treat for the face. Please keep in mind, that hydrosols are not fragrances and they're not essential oils- therefore, they smell a bit different than when you smell a living plant. Hydrosols are refreshing and vitalizing, though! 

Comes in a 1 oz. amber spritz bottle (very easy size for traveling, keeping in your day pack!)

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