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BRAND NEW!! AWAKE: Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil

BRAND NEW!! AWAKE: Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil

$ 25.00

AWAKE is the newest in the lineup of essential based perfumes- and this one is definitely more along the aromatherapy for therapy sake. This blend is to increase focus, enliven you on a foggy day, add pep to your step via olfactory beauty. 

With bright citrusy notes combined with minty freshness, and a bit of some other scents mingling in, this is a great blend to add to your morning routine when you are about to begin work, or sometime in the afternoon when you wish you could take a nap. Anoint your wrists, lobes, and temples. 

I've heard some folks say it helps with tension headaches, as well. 

May this oil make you feel awake without needing to overdose on caffeine, and may the scent formula add joy to your days! 

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