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BRAND NEW!! Botanical Amulet Necklaces

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In honor of Roots & Crowns's 5th Birthday, I'm re-releasing the craft that started it all: Amulet Necklaces. 

Back in July of 2014, I began making these necklaces- a group of herbs along with a piece of birch bark with a word or two of intention, in a vial on a necklace. These were the only products I made at the time, and as my apothecary grew, I had less and less time to make amulets. But in honor of Roots & Crowns turning 5, I felt it was a great honor to this path to re-release these amulets in an elevated form. Back then they were corked glass bottles on thread, and now they are glass vials with gold-plated tops and gold-plated chains.  Additionally, instead of the original "Calm," "Protect," "Grounding," & "Uplifting," I've reworked these amulets to fit the rest of the line. I now offer "You're Ok," "Protector," "In Joy," and "To Connect & Be At Peace." 

These amulets are very, very dear to my heart. They were my first way of offering plant medicine in my own way- along with sharing the power of the language of my heritage. The words of intention are all written by my hand, in Hebrew. Hebrew is an ancient language, and the words are layered with mystical meaning. And in Hebrew, "words" are literally also "things." A reminder that when we say that magic exists in our words, and that words are spells, it's a truth buried in the language. 

Please choose the spell choice for the Amulet Necklace before adding it to your cart. Each one comes with a corresponding little card listing the herbs and what they are there for! 


You're Ok:  contains herbs for soothing anxiety and easing stress. A great amulet for anybody living a busy life with responsibilities and stress. The words of intention written within are "to calm, soothe, reassure." 

Protector: contains herbs that form boundaries for body and spirit. I like wearing this one when I travel or when I'm in company that can take an emotional toll on me. The words of intention written within are "to protect, secure, ensure." 

In Joy: contains herbs for remembering joy, lifting spirits, taking pleasure- especially for anyone who has gone through a bit of trauma, breakup, etc. The words of intention written within are "to be joyful, delight, take pleasure." 

To Connect & Be At Peace: contains herbs that are heart-healing and restoring especially made in honor of the healing path after losing someone. This necklace is extra special because the words of intention are directly inspired by a friend who is no longer with us in human form. The words of intention written within are "to connect and to be at peace." 



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