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For Allergies: Herbal Tea Blend

$ 24.00

I've always suffered from seasonal allergies, but since moving to the Pacific Northwest, the allergies are on another level! 

Here's a tea that is soothing to the inflammation and irritations that come with the beauty of Spring! This tea blend is naturally anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, soothing to the respiratory system, and relieving for the itchy eyes, runny nose, foggy brain, and all the "blah." 

Dose: 1 tsp. of this loose leaf tea per 8 oz. hot water. Add 1 tsp. of local raw honey for extra medicinal potency! 

This listing is for a resealable packet of loose leaf tea that contains at least 40 doses of herbal tea. 

Other products that I make that are helpful at this time of year: 

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I also recommend getting on a good dose of probiotics, keeping away from inflammatory foods, drinking lots of water, and taking an extra nettle + quercetin supplement while the symptoms are the worst.  

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