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Handsome Face Serum

Handsome Face Serum

$ 22.00

One vivid memory from my childhood, was the way my grandmother would compliment my clothes. "What a handsome dress!" she'd say. I also remember the cadence with which she pronounced the word "bea-u-tee-ful." But I think it wasn't until later in my life when I recalled her manners of speaking in a more nuanced way. I love that she used all these words instead of just "pretty" for my dresses, or "handsome" for my brother's attire. 

When I looked up the etymology of the word handsome, one of the definitions is "of obvious quality" and I like that because that's what it should be about. In character, in substance, and yes, maybe in looks, too.

Handsome serum was formulated for all genders, with ultimate skin healing & rejuvenation in mind. The oils within are easily absorbed, high in vitamins & antioxidants & help multiply the skin’s natural collagen.

The active ingredients are: Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Evening primrose extract, Sandalwood extract, and essential oils. 

You can order this as a roller (great for traveling and on the go for moisturizing!), 1 oz. or 2 oz. bottles. 

Argan: high in vitamin e and antioxidants

Sweet almond: nice for sensitive skin, also good for dry and eczema-prone skin

Evening Primrose: high linoleic acid and vitamins, helpful for dry skin

Sandalwood extract: non greasy, highly absorbable, facial rejuvenation

Yarrow: helpful for treating blemishes and acne, healing for the skin

Helichrysum: multiplies skin’s natural collagen (which helps slow wrinkling)

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