Light-A-Gram: Share the Light

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Thinking about the significance of bringing the light during the darkest time of the year is no stranger to customs and cultures, world over. I wake up these mornings and my instinct is to light candles while I drink my coffee. I drive down my block on my way home from work and homes are lit, smoke rises from chimneys, trees with fairy lights peek out from windows. Little lights are *everywhere* during this time of year. It's dark, it's cold, but we make extra effort to bring the light. 

It is with all the above intention, that I wanted to create an opportunity for us to share a little light. 

My friend Katie of Beewild Candles lives in a magical log cabin overlooking a bird sanctuary lake about 40 minutes away from me. There, she pours beautiful beeswax candles filled with prayers and meaning. I have her candles in my shop, and decided to buy some extra little ones for you to be able to send as a light-a-gram to someone in your life who could use a little extra light. These sweet candles are made from beeswax in walnut shells- they can float in baths or other water! And they burn beautifully for about an hour. Which is the perfect amount of time for a charm/spell/prayer of light.

This is how it will work. When you order the light-a-gram as part of your order, you'll receive a confirmation email, as well as a Google form to fill out with the info of the person you're sending it to. We will send it out on your behalf. You have the option to include a custom note, or you can let our postcard that reads "look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness" speak for itself. 

You also have an option to choose the bundle that includes the special honey straw!

We priced this sweet offering to include the cost of shipping (separately from the rest of your order) to anywhere in the USA. 

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