Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!

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Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!
Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!
Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!

You may not know this, but the first non-amulet offering I created under Roots & Crowns in early 2015, was an attempt at aphrodisiac hot cocoa, which, by a funny series of events, turned into the Beloved Aphrodisiac Bitters. Eventually, I finally returned to that original idea, and made a delightful, LOVE-ly potion that I'm calling Love Dust. It's got 8 different herbs that will fill your heart, increase your libido, raise your creative vibration, and generally make you feel a bit more blissful. You can use it similarly to the Cocoa Dust- as a hot cocoa drink, or you can make a cocktail/mocktail with it for date night!

The herbs in this potion boost sex drives for all genders, increase general well being of mind and body help balance hormones, increase feelings of love and connection, and even can strengthen intensity of orgasm. 

Though aphrodisiac herbs are known mostly to be beneficial for intimate situations, they're also good for generally increasing creative flow, enhancing passion, and lowering anxiety. So even if you're not trying to get down, this potion is prolly a great idea!

This listing is for a tin of Love Dust, containing about 20 servings.

Some info about some of the herbs within:

Shatavari boosts sex drives for all genders. Tonic for woman’s body. Increases well being of mind and body, balancing to female hormones. Calms mind and deepens feelings of love & connection.  

Muira puama increases sexual desire, thoughts, and fantasies, and enhances sensuality and satisfaction. Can strengthen intensity of orgasm for all genders.

Damiana is known as a popular aphrodisiac herb, but it’s largely because it calms nerves and brings about a mild euphoria in some people. Physically, it increases stimulation and sensitivity in genital area which can increase libido in most people.

Maca works more on enhancing libido and enhancing sexual desire in all genders. Increases stamina and energy, as well. Since it’s an adaptogen, taken over time it can help the body cope with stress/fatigue which is a common cause for low sex drives these days.

Rose is not necessarily an aphrodisiac, but it’s such a beautiful energetic medicine for the heart. Opening and protecting for the heart so we can feel present for romantic connection.

Cacao is also not necessarily an “aphrodisiac” but it does contain compounds that seem to cause blissful/euphoric moods. Cacao also increases levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which make you feel really good, and can help increase arousal because of feeling good. Cacao is also known to be a sensual food, and contributes to romantic settings in that way.

**Please also note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!
Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!
Love Dust: A Potion of 8 Aphrodisiac Herbs!

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