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"Moon" Herbal Remedy for Cramps, Mood, & all Uncomfy PMS Symptoms

$ 15.00
The Moon is our ever-constant, ever-changing luminary of time in our sky. The feminine cycle so mirrors the ebb & flow of the moon with the internal cycle. Although it is a beautiful thing, we all know how the symptoms that come along with the monthly release can be quite uncomfortable.

Here is a blend for lots of divine feminine nourishment. The herbs included are psycho-emotionally soothing, as well as physically soothing to the internal organs. They are here to comfort the mind, and send the cramps away.

I use a very intensive process of creating a concentrated herbal syrup using local honey, and fusing this with my own home-made tinctures*. The result is a bitter-but-sweet elixir to take directly on tongue, add to tea, or to a spirit of your choice to make a cocktail. 

Choose between a 1oz. or 2 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper..

Nettles- a women's tonic, rich in iron, calcium, vitamin a, relieves water retention
Ginger- relieves congestion in pelvis
Red Raspberry Leaf- very, very nourishing to the feminine system, relieves water retention, creates easy flow
Lady's Mantle- also relieves congestion in pelvis, alleviates cramps, reduces heavy bleeding
Motherwort- fast relief for menstrual cramps, also works on the psycho-emotional side for anxiety and PMS moods
Burdock- nourishing to the pelvic region

*Tinctures are a decoction of plants in alcohol, so that the botanical constituents get extracted into the alcohol. If someone is avoiding alcohol entirely, tinctures should be avoided unless they specifically say they are made with glycerin instead of alcohol.

**Please also note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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