Cedar & Rose Body Oil

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This special oil is formulated with Western Red Cedar leaves from my friend's tree, and Roses from my garden. It is blended with the same essential oil that is in the Cedar & Rose perfume.

Something that became very obvious to me during the past 7 months, is how many of us have reached for the Cedar & Rose perfume as olfactory medicine for its grounding and elevating magic.Cedar, our tree elder with deep roots, ancestral wisdom, resilience throughout life cycles. Rose, the matriarch of flowers with her timeless uplifting offerings of hope, love, and trust for all our days from cradle to grave and beyond.

These plants are dear to me as medicines and as stories and as links to my heritage, and it only feels right to be able to adorn our largest organ- our skin- in this nourishing anti-microbial, super moisturizing blend. 

This special oil is housed in a 100ml glass bottle with a pump top. Photographed with the other Cedar & Rose products available, but the listing is for the Body Oil alone. 

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