Essence of Borage for Courage

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Essence of Borage for Courage
Essence of Borage for Courage

Borage is the flower for Courage. An energy we so desperately need to draw on during these turbulent times. This essence was especially inspired by conversations I had with my beloved during the aftermath of the Supreme Court leak: we spoke about the war against body autonomy, attacks against queer people, the refusal of our systems to protect the lives already here via gun control and healthcare. 

It takes Courage to keep fighting for change. It takes Courage to live in this world and find beauty and meaning in our days. It takes Courage to inhabit queer bodies in queer relationships in a queer-phobic world. 

Pride was never just a party. It was- and is- a revolt against problematic systems that perpetuate harm. So this Pride, I’m conjuring up the courage of our queer ancestors who lived in other iterations of oppressions and fought like hell for a different future. 

I made an Essence of Borage for Courage. 

To honor the courage our queer (especially BIPOC) ancestors. May we channel it in our days. 

Though I do my best to price all my products as fairly as I possibly can, this particular product is meant to be accessible to anyone in the queer community who resonates with it. If cost is prohibiting you from getting it, please be in touch with us and we'll do what we can to accommodate you!

Add flower essences to your drinking water, beverages, bathwater, or take some drops straight on your tongue. 

This essence comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper top. 

Please keep in mind that essences usually don't have much taste or scent. Essences are the imprint of the gifts of these flowers, but they do not have a strong flavor as a syrup or tincture would. If you have never worked with essences before please read about them before purchasing! 

Ingredients: borage flowers, sunshine, freshly collected spring water, everclear. 

Please note that while I am a certified herbalist, these statements have not been evaluated by the medical doctors or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All plants are organic and/or foraged mindfully from unsprayed land. All other ingredients are organic and mindfully sourced.

Essence of Borage for Courage
Essence of Borage for Courage

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