NEW! Flower Facial Mist: Hyaluronic Acid to Refresh & Settle

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This is one of the super stars of The Facial Kit, and along with the Face Potion, I've received many requests for the Flower Mist to be available in a larger size after users incorporated it into regular facial routine. 

Flower Mist is a super refreshing and lovely facial mist made with botanicals that settle the face after cleansing, with a bit extra of the hyaluronic acid as well- to deepen the moisturizing process for several layers of the skin, which in turn keeps the skin vibrant, young, & healthy. 

Ideal use: cleanse with any of our Face Serums, spritz with Flower Mist, moisturize with a combination of one pump of Face Potion + one pump any of our Face Serums. 

Can also be used on the go to refresh your face in the middle of the day. 

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