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Personalized Herbalism Amulet Necklace Custom-Made Just For You!

$ 54.00

This amulet necklace is crafted using locally harvested herbs from unsprayed gardens and community spaces. Included within each vial is a word of intention written on fallen Birch Bark, that I collected from a tree in my neighborhood.

These amulets have made great birthday gifts, parent-to-be gifts (several moms have told me they wore it during labor & delivery), and gifts for someone when they are going through something momentous in their lives. 


Included with this purchase is:

* An email conversation to collaborate on the intention for this piece
* My ability to choose from a wider selection of herbs from my apothecary for your unique formula
*Your ability to choose specific word/s of intention for your necklace
* A hand-written (with feather quill and ink), in-depth list of the herbs and their healing attributes, as well as the your tailored word/s- all on beautiful paper so that you can keep it close or display it according to your desire

When you order we'll email about the formula of your intentions, and then the necklace will be made and sent to you as soon as possible (within 1-2 weeks, with rush order as an option). The customized necklaces require considerably more time and attention. This is a truly special gift to give yourself or someone you love. (Please note that this gift is available as a final product we discuss and create for a friend or loved one, or as a complete process offered to your intended recipient.)


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