Teshuvah Elixir

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This elixir is to support you through the Days of Awe/Jewish High Holy Days. 

"Ritually crafted (by Dori Midnight) with essences of plants, stones, and time/space. Teshuvah is not a substitute for the work of teshuvah itself, but rather offers gentle, profound support for the rigorous practices of reflection, repair, restoration, release, and renewal which we are all invited to do this season.

Essences are vibrational, energetic, and magical. They are made with deep kavannah/intention and tefila/prayer, capturing the spirit or distillation of the plant, stone, or moment in time. Essences do not contain any physical material of substance itself- they are energetic, working on our hearts, souls, and spirits. They are safe for children and are not contraindicated with any medication or other healing modality. They do not have 'side effects,' though most people find them to be gently supportive or possibly more catalyzing and transformational." 

(Words and description by Dori Midnight). 

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