Sample Pack of ALL Face Serums!

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Sample Pack of ALL Face Serums!
Sample Pack of ALL Face Serums!

We have switched up the sample pack to include the well-loved Face Potion and Flower Mist (both of these are hyaluronic acid formulas) in addition to the core group of Facial Oils. You'll receive a total of 6 small bottles in a sachet.

This is a wonderful way for you to try out all of the daily facial care oils and potions in order to see which one(s) you love most! The only Facial Serum not included in this bundle is the Adam's Oil. 

Please keep in mind that each of these bottles is equivalent to a full third of a 30 ml. bottle of face serum, so you'll essentially have more than 2 full sized bottles of face serum.

To give you an idea, this size bottle of each serum would total to $122 if purchased separately!

This bundle does include the serum that's not on this website and retails alone for $68. (If you don't understand that reference, email me :))

All this to say, this is a slamming deal for quite a bit of face serum, all while being able to try the full line! 

For more info on each of the face serums, see the following: 

Sample Pack of ALL Face Serums!
Sample Pack of ALL Face Serums!

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