Tattoo Balm: For Healing Ink & Aftercare

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I've been fortunate enough to be tattooed by some of the greatest tattoo artists- (shoutout to Alice Carrier :))

The truth is, my tattooists have said they prefer the "dry-healing method" which means you don't drench your skin with healing moisturizers- you only use a little balm sparingly when the skin really starts to flake off and be bothersome.

But when that does happen (as it all does), a little goes a long way with this Tattoo Balm.
It is made of an oil that is infused with a bunch of skin-happy herbs, local beeswax, and a moderate amount of essential oil so that the scent/power of the oils don't irritate the skin.

Bonus: This balm is actually not only for tattoos. I have friends who are currently traveling around the world, and reported that they use it on everything from burns to cracked heels, to bites. So don't be limited by my title for it!

ALSO: this kind of balm would definitely be nice to keep using on skin once tattoos are healed, to keep the color/lines vibrant. (Though, when in strong sun, sun-screen on tattoos is always a wise choice).

Comes in a 2 oz. metal tin

Happy Ink Days, to you all!!!

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