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Elderberry Syrup Cocktail/Mocktail

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This season, I've been reminding my partner every day to "just take a teaspoon of Elderberry Syrup a day!" in order to partake in delicious preventative seasonal medicine. This is the season when shaking hands, touching doorknobs, sharing company with folks who swear they're not contagious anymore, etc. etc. all become a bit of a threat, and Elderberry Syrup (which also contains immune super heroes- Rosehips, and fresh ginger juice!) is a good action step to protect our immune systems. 

It's been a minute since I posted any recipes, so amidst the holiday order bustle, I got myself some Meyer lemons, and concocted this simple, tasty beverage. Arguably, if you're worried about getting sick, alcohol might not be the best part of this concoction, so feel free to leave the gin out. Alternatively, you can also make this beverage warm, but then I'd leave out the fizzy water! 


Mix two/three top ingredients in a shaker with ice, strain/pour into a glass with an ice block, and top it off with fizzy water. 


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