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Morehouse Barbershop & Solabee Flowers

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It seems to be a spring thing that we begin doing a lot more events for local businesses. We love that! It's nice to feel the inspiration from what is blooming as we come up with drink ideas, and it's nice to feel the common sense of emerging to socialize within the community. 

Here are two drinks we recently did: one for the new brilliant barbershop, Morehouse Barbershop, and one for Solabee's one year anniversary in their stunning new space. Noteworthy also, is the fact that these are also businesses with whom we've become good friends with. Kale Chesney is now with Morehouse Barbershop, but has been our dear friend for a long time and also is the genius behind all of Roots & Crowns's branding. And Solabee is a group of beautiful women who have embraced Roots & Crowns in community, and is constantly an inspiration for jungle goals in home and heart! 

The Morehouse Buzz

1.5 oz. Dogwood Distilling Gin
.5 oz. Rosemary Simple Syrup
.25 oz. Lemon 
1 dropperful Roots & Crowns Blues Away Bitters

Purple Rain

1.5 oz. Dogwood Distilling Vodka
.5 oz. Violet Simple Syrup**
1/2 dropperful Roots & Crowns Detox Bitters
.5 oz. Lemon
1 dropperful Roots & Crowns Violet Essence 
top with 2 oz. fizzy water 


**The Violet Bundle has been totally sold out! So if you're trying to make your own Violet Syrup for this recipe, check out my blog post on Violets! 


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