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New Site, New Moon, New Cocktail!

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Wow. What a week it's been. The decision to switch over from Etsy is ridden with feelings of nervousness, excitement, my brain swirling with new ideas, and sincere gratitude for everyone who has supported me enough to get me to this point. 

(Cocktail recipe below my comments on the new moon)

Though I was fully ready to switch last week, I believe in the energy of the moon, and wanted to be "fully live" in correlation with the new moon. The new moon is a time when intentions are planted, a cycle renews, and there is power in beginning. Ever since I started doing new moon intentions about 7 years ago, I see the patterns of the seasons and specifically within the phases of the moon, as a gift we get to harness and transfer into practical application to our lives. 

This particular new moon also corresponds with a solar eclipse, and an energy of deep rebirth through our deepest feelings and potentials. Astrologers speak of long over-due endings and fresh starts. They also remind us that Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and carries the empathy and feelings of the entire zodiac within it. So if you're feeling extra feely these days, know you're not alone. Chani Nicholas says that imagination is our greatest currency at this time- "May we use this moment to reset ourselves, emptying ourselves out and orienting ourselves towards the most compassionate, imaginative ways forward. May we use the eclipse to call up the great healing powers within, giving ourselves exactly what we need without hesitation or restraint."

Not that every momentous occasions needs a cocktail, but I do enjoy coming up with cocktails/mocktails to mark occasions like this transition to my own website. It's also a nourishing way of sitting for a few quiet moments and considering your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. 

Phases of the Moon Cocktail:

2 oz. freshly brewed Raspberry Leaf Tea
4 oz. Q ginger beer (I like this brand because it's spicy and not syrupy-sweet!)
1 slice of Lime
Roots & Crowns Moon Bitters
1.5 oz. Dogwood Distilling Vodka (optional)

To brew the raspberry leaf tea, use 1 tsp. of tea to 8 oz. of boiling water. Let steep covered for 10 minutes. Cool.

Fill your favorite glass with ice. Add 2 oz. of cooled raspberry leaf tea, 4 oz. (or thereabouts) of Q ginger beer. If you want the version with alcohol, add 1.5 oz. of vodka. Add 2 droppers of Roots & Crowns Moon Bitters. Squeeze a slice of lime in, and garnish. Enjoy!


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